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Handcuff Bracelet

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Practice restraint.
These arresting handcuffs are part of the Collection No. 6 from Cast of Vices, which puts the spotlight on symbols of security.
CoV's Jay LeCompte and Chris Glancy toy with the societal obsession for security and the fears they thrive on by re-contextualizing the most pedestrian of "protective" accessories as luxury frills: chain links as modular units; security cables and handcuffs refined into covetable wrist décor; and, with a little help from their friends at A+R, plastic sensors as brooches to brandish.
Designers have long begged, borrowed and stolen the handcuff concept as jewelry incarnation. But coupled with the engraved Cast of Vices logo, these are criminally good.

Base price: $260.00
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Size: d 5.7cm (at largest) x l 7.8cm
Silver is .925 sterling silver with rhodium plating.
Gold is zinc alloy with gold and rhodium plating.
Material: Sterling silver or zinc alloy with rhodium plating
Packaging: Branded box
Shipping Info: This item ships 7 days from date of order
Technical Info:
About Rhodium:
Rhodium plating ensures the longest lasting, most durable finish. It is considered the best in the platinum metals family for resistance to corrosion and the most tarnish resistant (it is nearly 4 times the price of platinum and 9 times the price of gold).
It is also hypoallergenic.
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