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Balsabox "Personal" Jewelry/Keepsake Box

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Finally, a jewelry and accessories box that does the job without all the bells and whistles (and twirling ballerinas). With a nod to the Japanese tradition of uncomplicated design using the humble material of balsa wood, Nomess Copenhagen fashioned a collection of organizing boxes aptly called Balsabox. The Balsabox Personal box contains a narrow box within a larger box within the outside box. The first two smaller boxes boast a wash of hot pink on the inside base that would make Elsa Schiaparelli smile. The larger of the two has an additional stripe of pink on one side that peeks out when it's nestled inside the largest of the three boxes.

But the real aha is the lid. When opened it reveals a mirror. Slide the mirrored lid into a compartment for a vanity effect. Conceal the lid by closing the box, wood side up. Or use it as a reflecting surface for any tidbits displayed atop of the closed box. Any which way you use it, this keepsake box is all personal.

Nordic design brand Nomess Copenhagen creates every day design products for organizing life, with an emphasis on simplicity, usefulness and elimination of extras. Products are defined by their lines and sense of color.

Base price: $144.00
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Size: 16.5" l x 12.8" w x 5" h (42.5x32.7x13cm)
Trio of nestling boxes
One side of lid features a mirror
Color feature only available in pink
Material: Balsa wood
Packaging: Branded box
Shipping Info: This item normally ships within 48 hours
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