Therm-O Bottle

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Keeping hydratedóhot or coldójust got easier. Made from food-grade, FDA-approved, lead and BPA-free materials, this borosilicate glass bottle keeps hot drinks hot and cool drinks cool. The double-wall feature means no condensation or heat on bottle surface no matter the temperature of the liquid inside. A removable stainless steel tea strainer easily snaps in place for those of you who like to kick start the day or afternoon with a cuppa.
This to-go bottle is by the innovative, environmentally conscious folks at Aquaovo, a Canadian company specializing in drinking water filtration and revitalization systems. Founder and designer Manuel Desrochers is a fierce advocate of clean water and healthy living (his OvoPur water filtration system is even the official water source of fellow Canadians Cirque de Soleil!). The Therm-O Terra bottle holds 8 oz and is topped with a natural bamboo lid; the Therm-O holds 16 oz and wears an earth-friendly, recyclable plastic lid. Glass is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Base price: $29.00
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2.75" w x 7.5" h (7x19cm)

Weight: 1 lb
Therm-O Terra (bamboo lid): 8 oz
Therm-O Classic (silver lid made of recyclable plastic): 16 oz
Borosilicate glass, bamboo, stainless, silicon, BPA-free recyclable plastic

Dishwasher and microwave safe glass
Handwash lids
Packaging: Branded box
Shipping Info: This product normally ships within 48 hours