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Shoe Cleaning Box

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Sometimes, the simplest essentials are the toughest to find...especially ones that look beautiful. After years of keeping Andy's shoe cleaning brushes and balms in a shoe box (albeit a box belonging to a gorgeous pair of custom tan brogues from a Northampton craftsman), we actually got a rush when we spotted these beech boxes--complete with nylon brushes--by Donata Paruccini. Of course, only someone born in Milan would be able to appreciate the need of such an item, and one rendered so well. After studying Industrial Design at ISIA in Florence with Johnathan De Pas, Donata went on to colaaborate with with Andrea Branzi, Alessi and ENO--the Paris collective that released this magic box.

Base price: $54.00
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3.5" l x 4.8" w x 8.6" t
Packaging: Gift Box
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