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Brodmann Blades Ping-Pong Set

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From the recent $100k HardBat Classic in Vegas to 50 Cent's birthday party, table tennis, nay, ping pong, as we prefer, is back with a vengeance. Enter the first major innovation in the sport in a generation: The Brodmann Blades. This new paddle is worn like a glove. The results: Improved comfort, ergonomics and sensory feedback on both sides means greater ball control, a faster and more intuitive game, more spin on the ball and superior backhand. Improve your 3D hand-eye coordination and dexterity. Faster response ability and out of the hip back-hand performance means greater navigation and competitive reaction. Expert players can push the limits of the sport, and beginners will find playing more accessible. The zip-up case (with four balls and signature terry wristbands, no less) makes this a fantastic gift. Best of all? It's more fun!

Base price: $89.00
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Details: Sold as carrying case, 2 paddles, 4 branded balls, and 2 terry wristbands
Packaging: Gift Box
Shipping Info: This item normally ships within 48 hours