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Talk about food revolution! We searched far and wide for a mobile garden container, and finally found a line that's truly well designed, great looking--and well priced. We are proud to introduce to the U.S. market the BACSAC by a trio of Parisians--Godefroy de Virieu, Louis de Fleurieu and Virgile Desurmont. Suitable for all climes, BACSACs are made from a 100% RECYCLABLE material that is UV-, frost-, tear- and traction-resistant and is permeable to let soil breathe and drain with limited evaporation while protecting roots. This light-weight portable bag enables you to go from terrace to rooftop, from one address to another, rotating crops year-round. We’ve got a couple of medium squares growing all kinds of salad mixings now. All Square BACSACs include web straps and rods to keep shape under the weight of the soil and provide subdivision of growing surface. The Satchel allows for balcony-suspended gardens. Can’t wait to munch a bunch.

Base price: $168.00
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Bacsquare 4: 16" h x 23" w x 23" d (40x60x60cm)
Bacsquare 16: 16" h x 35" w x 35" d (40x90x90cm)
Satchel: 18" l x 18" w (45.7x45.7cm)
Satchel includes 2 12 gal (25 L) pouches.
Bacsquare 4 holds 33 gal (125 L).
Bacsquare 16 holds 132 gal (500 L).
Cute car, soil or seeds not included
Material: 100% Recyclable, UV-, frost- and traction-resistant Geotextile
Packaging: None
Shipping Info: This item normally ships within 48 hours