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Escentric Molecules: Escentric 01

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An effortless, sophisticated scent that is fresh and woody, this is the sophomore scent in the addictive Escentric Molecule series by Geza Schöen. The Berlin-based perfumer is a highly experienced, formally educated nose who grew tired of the stench coming from the masstique and celebrity-crazed perfume market. So a collection he could call his own was born with the help of London’s This Company and former editor Tim Blanks and designer Paul White. The trio even vow to never diffuse their pure perfumes into candles, bath oils or other by-products, lucrative as it might be. This is the first line of its kind to celebrate Iso E Super, a single molecule with velvety, amber aspects that is used in finer juices to give it fullness and subtle strength—and typically used in single digit ratios. Geza uses 65% of the stuff in his formula! A follow-up to the sandalwood, cedar-like Molecule01, Escentric01 builds on that profile with top notes of pink pepper, green lime peel, balsamic notes like benzoin, mastic and orris incense. Instead of the archetypal base, heart, top, Escentric01 swoons from top to bottom notes, emphasizing a lingering, sensual dry down of warm musk and wood. The result is neither sweet nor cloying, pungent nor watery. This is a fragrance with soul.

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Size: 100 ml
Material: Liquid, glass, metal
Packaging: Branded box
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