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Wine Breather Decanter

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Mesmerize the oenophiles in your life with this magic decanter. Place it mouth-to-mouth with an open wine bottle. Flip it so the red liquid pours into the decanter. Wine aeration is cut to two minutes. Serve from the decanter or reverse the flow and pour the aerated vino back into the bottle and serve from there. Inversion washes down the sides of the decanter, further aerating it. The magic? However you flip it, no hands, Ma! Ideal for young wines under three years. Or use it as a conventional decanter for vintages six years or older that contain sediment.
Each carafe is hand-blown for the Danish design house Menu.

Base price: $50.00
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Size: 8.3 " h, 48 oz
Material: Glass, steel, rubber
Packaging: Branded packaging
Shipping Info: This item normally ships within 48 hours
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