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Double Dish

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Good design is all about problem solving, even if those problems are as itsy bitsy as cracked pistachio nut shells. The inedible parts of nuts, olives and other favorite snacks now have a home to call their own and out of eye view with this great solution by those clever guys at UK kitchenware maker Joseph Joseph. A serving dish sits on top of a larger collection bowl. The curved openings are large enough for most pits and shells. Simply deposit unwanted bits and other unsightly snack waste down the curved external chutes. The NEW larger Double Dish provides a trio of snack serving possibilities. Out of sight until it's time to empty and start all over again. Nothing to toss? Use both bowls as individual serving dishes. Dishwasher safe. Priced fantastic enough to make this a favored host gift.

Base price: $18.00
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Small: 7" w x 6.8" dia x 3" h
Large: 9.75" w x 3" d [ 24.7 x 7.6cm]
Details: Dishwasher safe
Material: Melamine
Packaging: Branded box
Shipping Info: This item normally ships within 48 hours
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