Ferm Living

Catena Modular Sofa

$4,438 - $10,912


Preconfigured modular groupings offer several takes on Ferm Living’s embracingly casual Catena. With plump proportions and a relaxed, low-slung shape, its name comes from the dip in the middle of a swag of chain—the catenary curve—which is suggested by the sofa’s soft reflexes and top-stitched seams. In a choice of small or large modules with differing seat depths and proportioned accordingly, the individual units are constructed with an inner plywood frame layered with an innovative microcellular foam and soft down padding that ensure excellent comfort, high durability and outstanding breathability.



  • Configuration 1:
    • Small: 30" h x 131.8" w x 37.4" d (76x335x95cm)
    • Large: 30" h x 151.1" w x 42.5" d (76x383.7x108cm)
  • Configuration 2:
    • Small: 30" h x 143.6" w x 37.4" d (76x364.7x95cm)
    • Large: 30" h x 163.8" w x 42.5" d (76x416x108cm)
  • Configuration 3:
    • Small: 30" h x 181" w x 37.4" d (76x459.7x95cm)
    • Large: 30" h x 206.2" w x 42.5" d (76x523.7x108cm)
  • Configuration 4:
    • Small: 30" h x 94.4" w x 37.4" d (76x240x95cm)
    • Large: 30" h x 108.6" w x 42.5" d (76x276x108cm)


  • Right & Left Armrest:
    • Small: 30" h x 47.2" w x 37.4" d (76x120x93cm)
    • Large: 30" h x 52" w x 42.5" d (76x133x108cm) 
  • Center Modular:
    • Small: 30" h x 37.4" w x 37.4" d (76x95x95cm)
    • Large: 30" h x 42.5" w x 42.5" d (76x108x108cm)
  • Left & Right Open End:
    • Small: 30" h x 59" w x 37.4" d (76x150x95cm)
    • Large: 30" h x 66.9" w x 42.5" d (76x170x108cm)
  • Center Pouf: 16.5" h x 37.4" w x 37.4" d (42x95x95cm)


Wooden structure, foam, down padding


  • Category 1: Cotton Linen
  • Category 2: Hot Madison
  • Category 3: Dry Cotton Slub
  • Category 4: Rich Linen, Kuba Cay
  • COM and COL available on request

Made in Italy



Ferm Living

Graphic designer Trine Andersen couldn’t find wallpaper for her new home, so she decided to do it herself. The Danish-born entrepreneur launched Ferm Living in Copenhagen in 2006 and, before long, her distinct vision spanned a wide lifestyle range that includes indoor and outdoor furnishings and accessories for adults and kids. Trine’s graphic eye can be seen in the strikingly minimalist lighting as well as room-warming textiles, and her Scandinavian sensibility for craft and color throughout the collection.

The brand’s unusual name was actually taken from her grandmother’s expression, “ferm på fingrene,” meaning skilled with one’s hands. With that paeon to quality in mind, Ferm Living continues to create collections of furniture, lighting and accessories that reflect authentic design and clear functionality while furthering a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. Trine also pays it forward with designing collaborators who also happen to be women, among others, Spanish-Swiss designer Helena Rohner, Finnish Anni Pitkäjärvi and Hanna-Kaarina Heikkilä of Studio Finna, and fellow Danes Leise Dich Abrahamsen and Anne Wendlandt.

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