“Light is not only light. It is filled with variations, shadows and colors that give us energy and tranquility,” observes Øivind Slaatto, a graduate of the Danish Design School who also studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. It’s a dual approach that is evident in his lyrical design work for clients such as Bang & Olufsen, Louis Poulsen Lighting and Le Klint.

The Copenhagen designer partnered with engineers Bo Puggaard Hansen and Mathias Christiansen, who connected in 2015 to push the technological boundaries with Shade. Hansen and Christiansen were determined to capture some of the aesthetic qualities of the old incandescent bulbs, but deliver on it in a way the LED has not been able to thus far. The result of this expert collaboration among the trio is the breakthrough ØS1 smart lighting series. Customizable settings can adjust the compact light’s array of LEDs in intensity, color and even direction.

Be it function or mood a user has in mind, this dynamic lighting with its capabilities of personalized settings pushes lighting into a new era. A multi-directional system is engineered to illuminate upward, outward, downward or all of those directions at once. The saucer-like orb bulb is divided into 3 sections—top, middle and bottom that can each function independently: an upward section casts an ambient glow; downward for direct surface lighting; and a center band radiating an atmospheric swath of color. Full control is via a Shade Node or/and smartphone.