Simplicity at its well-crafted best, Globe Light is the linchpin of Andrew Neyer's Astro collection. Elegantly reductive when used on its own or apropos as a supporting player in combination with Andrew's complementary mobile fixtures. A timeless building block for creating custom installations, with satin-glass globe in a choice of sizes and set at a range of drop heights.



Small: 8" dia (20.3cm)
Medium: 10" dia (25.4cm)
Large: 12" dia (30.5cm)
Canopy: 0.25" h x 5" dia (0.6x12.7cm)
Stem length: available in 6" (15.2cm) increments


Powder-coated steel, powder-coated aluminum, blown glass


Handmade in Cincinnati, OH


Bulb: A19 LED (10W max), medium base socket
10W power consumption


Andrew Neyer

Cincinnati-based Andrew Neyer began his excursion into lighting with his jaw-dropping 6-foot cantilevering Crane wall light. Though trained as a fine artist and not a product designer, the acclaim for his initial effort led Andrew to develop a full collection based on objects as diverse as a gym barbell, a door chime or a toy yo-yo.

“Our design process is centered on reimagining familiar forms to inspire a new appreciation of ordinary objects,” he says. “The process involves a series of reductions until the design feels effortless.” That said, Andrew’s fixtures continue to astonish, especially in dramatic pendant and mobile formations.

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