Original 1227 Mini Ceramic Pendant Cluster: Pendant Light
Original 1227 Mini Ceramic Pendant Cluster: Pendant Light

Anglepoise × George Carwardine

Original 1227 Mini Ceramic Pendant Cluster

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$384 $480

SKU: ANG-32241

Average lead time: 1-2 weeks

$40 $50

SKU: ANG-32242

Average lead time: 1-2 weeks


This cluster of gently glowing ceramic pendants puts a contemporary and unfussy take on the idea of a chandelier. Translating the curved shade from George Cawardine's iconic 1227 metal lamp in bone china with a gloss-painted finish, Anglepoise illustrates the amazing versatility of his original design. Ceiling mounting plate allows customization with multiple shades at varying heights and directions from a single wiring point.



Shades: 5.5" h x 5" dia (14x13cm) each
Cable length: 59" (150cm) max
Ceiling rose diameter: 8" (20cm)


Bone china, chrome, aluminum




Voltage: 110/120V, 50/60Hz
E12 lamp holder
Maximum permitted bulb: 15W CFL / 10W LED
Luminous intensity: 800lm
Life: 10,000 hours
Color temperature: 2700K
CRI (Ra): 80




Here’s the unlikely tale of how an iconic British design literally "sprung" from an amateur inventor’s workshop. More than 70 years ago, automotive engineer George Carwardine, tinkering with constant-tension metal springs developed by the French firm Terry’s, found they could be moved in any direction but then “stayed put.” He didn’t find an application for cars but envisioned a task lamp based on the mechanics of the human arm. Notably, he added a shade to focus the light which meant that it used less electricity than usual at the time. 

With patent in hand in 1934, George debuted the first Anglepoise at the British Industries Fair. Since then, his original model 1227 and succeeding variations have proved timeless to generations of students, artists and professionals. Anglepoise lamps were produced for World War II bombers, celebrated in a Royal Mail stamp and have inspired tributes from musicians, artists and writers. With new energy-saving strides, the Anglepoise remains true to its defining minimalist design and efficiency.


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