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Pepa Table Lamp



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Inviting to touch and hold, Pepa’s natural ash form combines tactility with completely portable LED utility from Milanese designer Francesco Faccin. Sophisticated multi-axis magnetic field sensor technology eliminates any wires inside and outside of the unit and it’s powered by standard AA rechargeable batteries with simple USB connectivity. Inspired in both looks and functionality by the traditional pepper grinder, the lamp takes just a twist of the conical reflector to add light to any setting—going smoothly from off to on, and anywhere in-between.



  • 10.7" h x 8.1" dia (27.3x20.6cm)
  • Cable length: 59" (150cm)


Solid ash veneer, stainless steel


  • Contact us for UL details
  • Color temperature: 2200K
  • Dimmable
  • Integrated LED



Astep founder Alessandro Sarfatti is as close to design royalty as one can get. In 1939, his grandfather Gino Sarfatti founded the legendary Italian firm Arteluce, which introduced a notable sense of style to the lighting field. In turn, in 1978, his father Riccardo Sarfatti and his mother Sandra Severi, along with architect Paolo Rizzatto, followed up with Luceplan, exploring new lighting technology and working with specialized craftsmen. Both companies turned out a number of Italian modernist design classics, but Alessandro decided to form Astep in Denmark, telling Domus magazine, “All my roots are in Italy; my friends and my network are here. So, the company has this Scandinavia-Italy spin.”

Alessandro prizes both innovation and the high points of the past, developing new lighting products while retaining the best of the best. His company debuted with reworked versions of the Model 2065 style from his grandfather and the VV Cinquanta series from designer and family friend Vittoriano Viganò. Given today's digital-leaning world, Alessandro says Astep aspires to extend the forward-thinking outlook of his forbears and embrace the quality of life that new technologies offer. “Admiration for the past is a good thing,” he adds, “but, most of all, we want to offer something new.”

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