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Wine Breather Decanter: Smoked + Brass
Wine Breather Decanter: Smoked + Brass

Wine Breather Decanter

Designed by Norm Architects for Audo Copenhagen

Mesmerize any oenophile with this magic hand-blown decanter by simply placing it mouth-to-mouth with an open bottle of red. Flip it so the liquid washes down the side of the decanter and wine aeration is cut to 2 minutes—and, look ma, no hands! Pour from the decanter or reverse the flow and serve from the bottle.

Ideal for young wines under 3 years. Or use it as a conventional decanter for vintages 6 years or older that contain sediment.


$110 – $145 based on final options selected


8.7" h x 6.5" dia (22x16.5cm)


Glass, PVD-plated steel or stainless steel, silicone, plastic, brass

Available Options:

Lid Finish: Smoked + Brass , Clear + Steel