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Water Buffalo Trophy Head: Papa Buffalo (Large) + Orange
Water Buffalo Trophy Head: Papa Buffalo (Large) + Orange

Papa Buffalo Trophy Head

Designed by Gaurav Nanda for Bend Goods

A trophy head that animal lovers won't growl at.

Bend designer Gaurav Nanda has transformed the organic into a mathematical, digitally rendered form with this trophy head that can be used as graphic element or functional hook for bags, coats or towels. "The shapes may look simple," he notes, "but in actuality they are created with bends and angles that are complex formulas." We also think these trophy heads—including the Gazelle and Longhorn, also on our site—are a kick. Like all Bend furniture and pieces, these are sandblasted, then pre-treated with anti-rust zinc primer and powder coated for extended life right in Gaurav's L.A. studio. It all starts with a machine-molded frame that undergoes countless handmade spot-welds—a process Gaurav refers to as "bending."




  • 15" h x 43" w x 16.5" d (38.1x109.2x41.9cm)


Powder-coated iron


Simple installation involved
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Available Options:

Size: Papa Buffalo

Color: Orange , Black , White