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Rome Cityscape Architectural Model
Rome Cityscape Architectural Model

Rome Cityscape Architectural Model

Chisel & Mouse

Rome truly wasn't built in a day, growing from ancient pastoral settlements on the Tiber River to a center of Renaissance architecture. From the new-era artisans at Chisel & Mouse, this hand-cast, resin-plaster model centers on the richly historical area surrounding the river's central Z-shaped bend. Enclosed in a plexiglass frame, the sculptural tile can hang on a wall or be displayed on a desk or tabletop.

Brit brothers Robert and Gavin Paisley painstakingly reproduce select cities and stand-alone buildings in resin plaster (free of toxic solvents) of a reassuring weight and cool smoothness, with fine details including window frames etched in metal. In their Sussex studio, the "Chisel" refers to traditional plaster-cast methods and the "Mouse" to the computer-aided design (CAD) technology and 3-D printing used to achieve the sculptural models.


$220.50 $315


12" h x 12" l x 2" w (30.5x30.5x5cm)


Resin plaster, perspex


1:5000 scale
Handmade in the UK
Resin plaster is free of toxic solvents