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Floral Pendant Light
Floral Pendant Light

Floral Pendant Light

David Trubridge

"I photographed this beautiful flower on the Bibulman track in Western Australia," says David Trubridge of this spin on his ball-shaped lamps based on the geometric polyhedron structure. A love for earth drove the construction, flatpacked to reduce freight and packing resources. Identical pieces make home assembly a snap. The celebrated designing craftsman ended up in his adopted home of New Zealand after he, his wife and their two sons sold everything and set off on a yacht for a world adventure. It culminated in 1985 when they decided to remain there. While an artist-in-residence at Hawkes Bay Polytechnic (now EIT), he built a house and suddenly found himself with further commissions. Before realizing homes, lamps and furniture, David left Newcastle University in 1972 with a degree in Naval architecture. His work has appeared in countless museums, including the Victoria & Albert and the Pompidou Centre. That barely scratches the surface of his fascinating story and work ethos.


$410 – $10,410 based on final options selected


  • 400: 15.5" dia (40cm)
  • 600: 23.5" dia (60cm)
  • 800: 31.5" dia (80cm)
  • 1000: 39.5" dia (100cm)
  • 1200: 47.25" dia (120cm)
  • 1600: 63" dia (160cm)




400, 600 and 800 Cord: 6.5' l (200cm)
1000 Cord: 9.75' l (300cm)
1200 and 1600 Cord: 16.5' l (500cm)


Packaged as kits, assembly required.
Lights include standard E26 UL listed fitting. Outdoor fittings are available on request.

Available Options:

Size: 400 , 600 , 800 , 1000 , 1200 , 1600

Color: Red , Orange , Yellow , Lime , Aqua , White , White Two Sides , Caramel , Natural , Black Two Sides