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Kevi Air Chair
Kevi Air Chair

Kevi Air Chair

Designed by Jørgen Rasmussen for Engelbrechts

Architect Jørgen Rasmussen's Kevi Air updates his iconic 1958 swivel chair seen in homes and offices around the globe. Believing that comfortable, supportive seating enhances the ability to get work done, Jørgen's design is a masterpiece of function where nothing is superfluous.

In this iteration, the seat and backrest are fabricated in PPGF (polypropylene with glass enforcement) plastic—with small surface holes for ventilation and to assure a non-slip surface. Kevi Air is available in 4 different height options, all with the characteristic aluminum base equipped with automatic height adjustment and the double-wheel castor introduced by Jørgen in 1965 which is now an industry standard.


$483 – $552 based on final options selected


Size A: 15-20" h x 22" w x 22" d (38-51x56x56cm)
Size B: 19-24" h x 22" w x 22" d (48-61x56x56cm)
Size C: 23-28" h x 22" w x 22" d (58.5-71x56x56cm)
Size D: 27-32" h x 22" w x 22" d (68.5-81x56x56cm)


Aluminum, plastic

Available Options:

Size: Size A , Size B , Size C , Size D