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insituHalo Big Plus

Halo Big Plus

Designed for

In the Plus version, Big has twice the brightness of the original with a purity of tint that comes from white light refracted through a prism not a colored LED. Projecting Halo’s gobsmackingly largest display, it employs special optics developed by Milan’s Mandalaki design studio to create endless compositions in either the warm Sunset Red model or cool Deep Blue. Mounted on a slim rod with a solid-iron base, the physical element is carved from a solid plate of high-end black anodized aluminum, refined iron, brass and glass.




72" h x 6" w x 4.7" d (183x15x12cm)


Aluminium, brass, iron, glass


  • Contact us for UL details
  • LED integrated


  • Made in Italy
  • Light is Fullly 110V compatable

Available Options:

Light Color: Deep Blue, Sunset Red

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