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Lumio Book Lamp: Dark Walnut
Lumio Book Lamp: Dark Walnut

Lumio Book Lamp


You can't judge a Lumio by its cover. Lumio is a multi-functional LED lamp in the form of a book, bound in laser-cut wood. Crack it open and the "pages," made from Tyvek material, shine a bright ambient light. The concealed pages fold back 360 degrees.

San Francisco-based architect-turned-product designer Max Gunawan applied a penchant for origami and created this portable lamp that can be used practically anywhere—indoors by a bed or chair, outdoors on a table or even on the go. Magnets embedded in the cover allow the lightweight Lumio to cling to metal surfaces or it can be suspended from the enclosed leather hanging strap. Rechargeable for wireless use up to 8 hours via a custom orange micro-USB charger.




8.5" l x 6.5" w x 1.25" d (21.6x16.5x3.2cm)
Unfolded: 13.5" dia (33cm)


Walnut or maple cover, Tyvek "pages"


4.4w Hi-output LED; 500 lumen, 2700k
Rechargable lithium poly battery
Single charge: 6-8 hours with constant use

Available Options:

Material: Dark Walnut , Blonde Maple