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Otto Dining Table
Otto Dining Table

Otto Dining Table

Designed by Paolo Cappello for Miniforms

Is the asymmetrical axis-symmetric base and glass top of the Otto Table a statement on the precariousness of our planet? The organically irregular tabletop shape, without squared edges, a comment on nature versus man? Anything is possible in the hands of designer Paolo Cappello, who created this dining-cum-desk, in 3 sizes, for fellow Italians Miniforms with an emphasis on materials that are fully recyclable. The base is a network of beech struts that continues the organic concept of the tempered-glass tabletop. Superseding the usual square or circle profile of a table, Otto reconfigures the concept of the desk or dining table from the ground up.


$6,640 – $8,968 based on final options selected


  • Small: 30" h x 78.75" w x 46.5" d (76x200x118cm)
  • Medium: 30" h x 94.5" w x 49.75" d (76x240x126cm)
  • Large: 30" h x 106.25" w x 51.25" d (76x270x130cm)


Tempered glass, beech wood

Available Options:

Size: Small - 78.75" , Medium - 94.5" , Large - 106.25"

Table Top: Transparent Float Glass , Europe Grey Glass

Base: Canaletto Walnut , Natural Ash , Black Ash