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SLT Sofa Modules

SLT Sofa Modules

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With its statement-making uneven profile, Dutch design house Moooi's unconventional way with luxury infuses a modular sofa from a renowned fellow Netherlander, artist and designer Maarten Baas. The individual Something Like This elements include single- and double-seaters, a chaise longue and accompanying side and armrest modules for a customized seating grouping. Downy foam-fill cushions exude lasting comfort and the seating is available in the full run of SLT's premium upholstery selections.


$548$8,865 based on final options selected


  • Chaise Longue:
    • Left: 34.6" h x 52.4" w x 60.6" d (88x133x154cm)
    • Right: 34.6" h x 52" w x 59.8" d (88x132x152cm) 
    • Seat height: 16.1" (41cm)
  • Single Seat Element:
    • 34.6" h x 52" w x 59.8" d (88x68x93cm)
    • Seat height: 16.1" (39cm)
  • Double Seat Element:
    • 31.9" h x 55.9" w x 38.2" d (81x142x97cm)
    • Seat height: 15.4" (39cm)
  • Siderest
    • Left: 23.6" h x 26.8" w x 12.6" d (60x68x32cm)
    • Right: 23.6" h x 32.7" w x 13.8" d (60x83x35cm)
  •  Armrest:
    • Short: 7.1" h x 13.8" w x 18.1" d (18x35x46cm)
    • Long: 9" h x " 15" w x 33.5" d (23x38x85cm)


Wood, foam, steel


  • Category I: Denim, Macchedil Grezzo, Macchedil Sottile
  • Category II: Abbraci, Solis
  • Category III: Boucle, Justo, Liscio, Merit, Remix 3, Vesper
  • Category IV: Canvas 2, Divina 3, Divina Melange 2, Divina MD, Fiord, Tonica 2, Steel Cut 2, Steel Cut Trio 3
  • Category V: Hallingdal 65, EA, Bearded Leopard Jacquard, EA Blushing Sloth Melange Mohair, EA Blushing Sloth Woolly Mohair, EA, The Silent Bison Velvet, EA Calligraphy Bird Jacquard, EA, Dodo Pavone Jacquard, EA, The Menagerie of Extinct Animals, EA, Rendezvous Tokyo Blue Velvet
  • COM and COL available on request

Available Options:

Piece: Siderest Right, Single Seat Element, Long Armrest, Chaise Longue Left, Chaise Longue Right, Double Seat Element, Siderest Left

Upholstery Group: Leather Category I, Leather Category II, Leather Category III, Category I, Category II, Category III, Category IV, Category V, Stocked: Denim Indigo

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