Connect Modular Sofa: Stocked + Modules A+B
Connect Modular Sofa: Stocked + Modules A+G
Connect Modular Sofa: Stocked + Modules A+B
Connect Modular Sofa: Stocked + Modules A+B
Connect Modular Sofa: Stocked + Modules A+G
Connect Modular Sofa: Stocked + Modules A+G

Muuto × Anderssen & Voll

Connect Modular Sofa: Stocked - Quick Ship

$4,390 - $10,542


For expedient delivery, Muuto offers its Connect modular sofa series in a range of elevated stock fabric options. Designers Anderssen & Voll devise deeply cushioned seating that is as striking as it is dreamily comfortable—with almost unlimited variations to suit any interior configuration. The choice of upholstery sheaths the sofa’s precisely shaped cold foam contours with underlying wood-frame construction that bespeaks lasting quality. 




  • Modules A+B: 27.5" h x 92.1" w x 36.2" d (70x234x92cm)
  • Modules A+G: 27.5" h x 92.1" w x 36.2" d (70x234x92cm)
  • Modules A+C+D: 27.5" h x 128.3" w x 36.2" d (70x326x92cm)
  • Modules A+D+K: 27.5" h x 128.3" w x 59" d (70x326x150cm)
  • Modules F+D+B: 27.5" h x 128.3" w x 36.2" d (70x326x92cm)
  • Modules A+D+E+G: 27.5" h x 164.6" w x 36.2" d (70x418x92cm)
  • Seat height: 16.5" (42cm)
  • Armrest: 22" h (56cm)


  • A: 27.5" h x 46.1" w x 36.2" d (70x117x92cm)
  • B: 27.5" h x 46.1" w x 36.2" d (70x117x92cm)
  • C: 27.5" h x 46.1" w x 36.2" d (70x117x92cm)
  • D: 27.5" h x 36.2" w x 36.2" d (70x92x92cm)
  • E: 27.5" h x 36.2" w x 36.2" d (70x92x92cm)
  • F: 27.5" h x 46.1" w x 36.2" d (70x117x92cm)
  • G: 27.5" h x 46.1" w x 36.2" d (70x117x92cm)
  • K: 27.5" h x 46.1" w x 59" d (70x117x150cm)


Cold-foam, zig-zag spring, cotton wadding, metal


Additional modules and upholstery options available upon request. Please contact us for more information at [email protected].




Muuto made its impact on the design world by living up to its namesake "muttos,” the Finnish word that alludes to looking at things with a new perspective. "We give the designers the freedom to create new designs,” says co-founder Peter Bonnén. By giving free rein to the brightest design talent in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, there’s the breathing room to conjure a new take on a chair, vase or a lamp. Expanding on that success, Muuto was subsequently acquired by legendary brand Knoll In 2017, though it continues to be run independently from the company's headquarters in Copenhagen.

Peter and co-founder Kristian Byrge, who originally trained in economics and management respectively, might not have seemed destined to helm a new-influencer design firm. But it was a shared passion for all things design and and the distinctive style they dubbed “New Nordic” that rapidly brought worldwide recognition. "It serves as proof that we have something special to offer the design industry," the partners say. "We're proud to be part of the Knoll family and can't wait to unfold Muuto's global potential further in close collaboration with them."


Anderssen & Voll

"A good product builds and expands on tradition but at the same time, it breaks with tradition," say Anderssen & Voll, the Oslo-based design team that is consistently breaking new ground in the international design world. After 10 years of collaboration at the Norway Says design company which they cofounded, Torbjørn Andersen (born 1976) and Espen Voll (born 1965) began their eponymous firm in 2009 and have received repeated recognition for the wide range of their work in furniture, textiles, electronics, lighting and home accessories. Accolades include Norwegian and Scandinavian designers of the year, Wallpaper Award, IF Award and the Torsten and Wanja Söderberg Prize.

The studio's client list includes leading European names Muuto, Wrong for Hay, Foscarini, Kvadrat, Erik Jørgensen and Filip Technologies. However they also value collaborations closer to home, in the finest Norwegian tradition with Jøtul, Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik, Fjord Fiesta, Røros Tweed and LK Hjelle. "Change and elements of surprise stimulates thought and reflection–even for people who are not very interested in design and even if the change is not radical," they say. "That tiny second of reflection is the window of opportunity where we can communicate with the users and that is what we are looking for."

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