New Works × Omayra Maymó

Pleat Pitcher


SKU: NW-11610

Average lead time: 6-8 weeks


Based between Madrid and Copenhagen, Spanish designer Omayra Maymo adds a sensory presence with his mirrored pitcher that joins New Works' growing collection of gleaming tabletop items that mix everyday functionality with a sculptural touch. A polished stainless steel silhouette allows Pleat to reflect its surroundings and catch the light amid its surroundings. Then Omayra uses some sculptural sleight-of-hand with a simple pull on the columnar vessel to form the perfect pouring spout. Recommended for cold beverages only and hand-wash preferred.



8.3" h x 3.5" dia (21x9cm)


Stainless steel



New Works

“I come from an architectural education,” says Knut Benedik Humlevik, creative director of New Works. "It's a field that has taught me a lot about how to attack and work with a concept.” The Copenhagen-based design house melds a boldly sensual approach with the vaunted legacy of Scandinavian design. “One cannot deny that a lot of inspiration comes from the furniture ‘heroes’ of the past centuries,” says Humlevik. Not to mention “how their influence is applied in works of other designers in our time.”

New Works was launched with a series of sculptural objects grounded in 4 core values—Natural, Experimental, Rough, and Craftsmanship. With an emphasis on materials including concrete, marble, mirror and tactile metals like rough copper and oxidized aluminum, the collection has quickly expanded to a full range of furnishings that still push at the boundaries where art meets design. As a noted product designer himself and now directing the New Works stable of collaborating designers, Humlevik says, “It’s surprising where I find inspiration; it can come from very small things that have lots of character.”



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