Petite Friture × Constance Guisset

Nubilo Sofa



Nubilo is a striking sofa composed of puffy round cushions resting on a curving back of upholstered foam that can easily be arranged to ensure comfiness. Artist-designer Constance Guisset offers cushions of varied sizes in contrasting mellow hues and tactile materials like wool and velvet that offer an additional array of textures. Whether they’re likened to clouds, balloons or pebbles, the designer regards her vision as “a dreamlike destination, a stepping stone for our imagination.”



  • 25.6" h x 61" w x 29.5" d (65x155x75cm)
  • Seat height: 15.7" (40cm)


Powder-coated steel, polyester foam


  • Category 1: Field
  • Category 2: Canvas
  • Category 3: Galaxy, Harald 2
  • Category 4: Steelcut Trio 2
  • Category 5: Hallingdal 65, Divina
  • Made in Europe


Petite Friture

Paris-based Petite Friture (French for “small fry”) champions new names as well as veteran designers as they collaborate on objects, lighting and furniture, all created for everyday life. “Emerging talents benefit from the exposure of the more established talents, while established talents remain fresh and open to new ideas thanks to the contact with emerging talents,” says founder Amelie du Passage. “I like to think of Petite Friture as the meeting point.”

Every product tells its own story. “It alludes to happiness, the sunshine, and a simple but pleasing dish to share with people you love,” Amelie says. “In short, it means many positive things that make life worthy.” She sees the workings of the much-heralded brand, which only debuted in 2009, much like a book editor. “Our role is to gather all of these mini-narratives together and combine them to create the Petite Friture story.”

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