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R6 Height Adjustable Work Station

R6 Height Adjustable Work Station

Designed for

Reduced to uncommonly sleek box-like proportions, Johan Ragnar’s automatically variable-height work desk simply edges out the field. R6 Work Station quietly raises and lowers its top surface from about 27 inches to 46 inches—to accommodate sitting and standing work for a range of user-heights—at an inch-and-a-half per second via the tabletop control unit. Available in 3 sizes, the desktop, edge and core are fashioned in solid powder-coated aluminium, with optional privacy screen and cable management and electric cords hidden in the legs.


$6,452$7,449 based on final options selected


  • 26.8" - 46.5" h x 70.8" w x 31.4" d (68-118x180x80cm)
  • 26.8" - 46.5" h x 70.8" w x 35.4" d (68-118x180x90cm)
  • 26.8" - 46.5" h x 47.2" w x 31.4" d (68-118x120x80cm)
  • 26.8" - 46.5" h x 47.2" w x 35.4" d (68-118x120x90cm)
  • 26.8" - 46.5" h x 47.2" w x 39.3" d (68-118x120x100cm)


Powder-coated aluminum


  • US compatible electronics
  • Includes hinged cable cover and cable tray
  • Other options including privacy screen available on request

Available Options:

Size: 47.2"w x 31.4"d, 47.2"w x 35.4"d, 47.2"w x 39.3"d, 70.8"w x 31.4"d, 70.8"w x 39.3"d

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