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Rondo Mirror Collection: Gradient + Extra Large - 59.1" + Sapphire + EmeraldRondo Mirror Collection: Gradient

Rondo Mirror Collection: Gradient

Designed for

With soft transitions between multiple hues, the Gradient version of Rondo is coated with a special lacquer to create colors with exceptional depth and unparalleled reflective qualities. The stainless-steel wall décor  takes form via Zieta’s unique technology, based on inflating sheet metal with compressed air. The flat plane is turned into 3-dimensional object, sculpted with air to its characteristic shape and polished to mirror gloss in a painstaking and time-consuming process that changes plain metal into mirror. 


$4,675$13,455 based on final options selected


  • Small: 29.5" dia (75cm)
  • Medium: 37.4" dia (95cm)
  • Large: 47.2" dia (120cm)
  • Extra Large: 59.1" dia (150cm)



Available Options:

Size: Extra Large - 59.1", Large - 47.2", Small - 29.5", Medium - 37.4"

Finish: Sapphire + Emerald, Sapphire, Emerald, Deep Space Blue

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