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Dania Cutting Board: Medium - 15.7"Dania Cutting Board

Dania Cutting Board

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From Skagerak’s Nordic-influenced Dania range of culinary accoutrements comes a knife’s new best friend. In a range of sizes, the cutting board is assembled from small pieces of teak end grain, giving each surface a unique pattern in varied light and dark brown tones. The sustainably sourced teak also contains natural oils resistant to moisture and germs. Upward fibers on end grain readily absorb the impact from knife blades and assure a long-lasting board that counteracts cuts and warping. The board has built-in grips on each end and, except for the smallest size, a grooved edge that collects liquids and crumbles.


$109$325 based on final options selected


  • Small: 1.6" h x 13.8" w x 9.4" d (4x35x24cm)
  • Extra Small: 1" h x 13" w x 8.3" d (2.5x33x21cm)
  • Medium: 1" h x 15.7" w x 9.4" d (2.5x40x24cm)
  • Large: 1.2" h x 19.7" w x 10.6" d (3x50x27cm)
  • Extra Large: 1.6" h x 22" w x 13.8" d (4x56x35cm)


Teak end grain

Available Options:

Size: Extra Small - 12.9", Small - 13.7", Medium - 15.7", Large - 19.6", Extra Large - 22"

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