SP01 × Metrica

Max Sofa: 3 Seater

$7,320 - $14,590


Generously seating 3 or 4, this version of Max gives full range to the Italian-inspired styling, sitting full to the floor with a tracing of seam detail that brings a subtle flourish. The seating offers a choice of back-cushion options—straight architectural rectangles or ones that wrap the inside of the sofa corners. With impressive upholstery choices, the cushions exude comfort from within, with a layer of feather wadding over fabric-wrapped, multi-density polyurethane foam.



  • 31.5" h x 98.4" w x 35.4" d (80x250x90cm)
  • Seat height: 16.9" (43cm)


Steel, polyurethane, feather wadding


  • Category 10: Madrid
  • Category 20: Barcelona, Cordoba, London, Palermo, Sydney
  • Category 30: Adelaide, Cambridge, Florence, Kyoto
  • Category 40: Copenhagen, Dubrovnik, Milan, Oslo, Siena
  • Category A: Lisbon
  • Category B: Antwerp
  • COM and COL are available on request



“One of the reasons that we wanted to start SP01 was because we didn't want to be siloed into one kind of ‘Italian’ or ‘Danish’ or ‘Japanese’ style—we wanted to be a bit more flexible,” says SP01 co-founder Matt Lorrain of the design brand that features beautifully detailed, hand-finished furniture conceived in Australia and designed and made in Italy. “If you look at some of our pieces, there are subtle references to mid-century, Art Deco, or even something a little ‘80s,” he adds. “We try to lightly touch on these things but without being ‘retro’ or gimmicky.”

Production in Italy is key to the brand’s mantra of rigorous design and the honest use of materials. “Working with Italians is quite a beautiful thing because they have an atelier-style approach to things and they’re specialists. We do a lot of wood production, for example, but the people who make tables aren’t the same people who make chairs,” Matt explains. “One workshop will work with another workshop and another workshop, and they’ll take joint responsibility to make sure that in the end you get a perfect product.” With tables and seating for both indoors and out as well as sleek storage pieces, SP01’s “perfect product” is as relevant in a New York studio as in a beachside home in California.

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