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Bundle 21

Bundle 21

Designed for

This preconfigured String outdoor unit features freestanding double-bay storage on both sides of its central vertical uprights. The bottom shelves have a high edge and are sectioned in half to assist in organizing and securing unwieldy objects. Upper shelves with low edges provide easy access while a back panel accommodates hooks for hanging items. The galvanized surface weathers over time to a lovely patina and the unit is also expandable with other String outdoor pieces as desired.




35.04" h x 47.27" w (89x120cm)


Galvanized steel


Compatible with full String System collection

Bundle components include:

  • Floor panel (h85xd30cm) galvanized 2-pack
  • Upright (h89xØ2cm) galvanized 1-pack
  • Back panel (b58xh36cm) galvanized 1-pack
  • Metal Shelf High (w58xd30cm) galvanized 1-pack
  • Metal Shelf Low (w58xd30cm) galvanize 1-pack
  • Wall screws included
  • Not included: wall plugs, toggles or other anchors

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