String Works: Computer Holder
String Works: Computer Holder


String Works: Computer Holder



Average lead time: 1-2 weeks


Works, the complementary line of freestanding office furnishings to the wall-hung String storage system includes this holder to keep a desk-side computer in place and off the floor. It’s such thoughtful and practical additions as this add-on that serve to continually update Nisse and Kajsa Strinning’s groundbreaking shelving system—introduced in 1949 and just as ingenious today.



2.4" h x 10.6" w x 9.4" d (6x27x24cm)


Plastic, steel


Compatible with full String System collection

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When a Swedish publisher held a bookshelf design competition in 1946, there was no way of knowing the result would become one of the most iconic concepts of the 20th Century. Bonnier wanted to jump-start sales of its books in the postwar economy but realized customers would need a place to store them at home. The winner, out of 194 entries in all, was Nils Strinnings (with an assist from his designer wife, Kajsa) and his system named String.

Based on a ladder-like, coated-wire framework, it was lightweight, versatile and redoubtably stable. Not to mention quick to assemble, easy to reposition and little trouble to transport. String was an immediate success far and wide—especially with a newly identifiable younger generation. Just a few years later, in 1950, the shelves were even ordered for the new UN headquarters in New York. String continues to produce the timeless original designs as well as updated versions for both residential and office spaces.

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