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Assemble Corner Seat: Gijon Grey
Assemble Corner Seat: Gijon Grey

Assemble Corner Seat

Designed by Destroyers Builders for Valerie Objects

Corner Seat is the essential connecting piece for U- and L-shaped sofa configurations in Valerie Objects’ organically shaped modular seating. Paired with single and double sofa units and an armless ottoman from the collection by studio Destroyers/Builders,  the asymmetrical seating adapts to suit any space. With foam cushioning that is neither too firm nor too soft, Assemble offers a choice of upholstery options, fixed on a defining silvery aluminum-clad base.




32.7" h x 34.6" w x 34.6" d (83x88x88cm)


Oak, aluminum, polyurethane

Available Options:

Color: Gijon Grey , Gijon Sand , Bangar Sand , Sevo Grey , Sevo Rust , Senales Grey , Gijon Green