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Bird Stool



Bird Stool distills designer Michael Marriot's reworked take on the vaunted Windsor chair as inspired bar-height seating. With the signature motif of flat wood panels replacing the original's spindly rails, the traditional wood stool takes on a modern relevance. Robustly crafted in solid ash in a choice of finishes and suitable for both hi-use residential and commercial interiors.



30.75" h x 14" w x 15.25" d (78x35.3x38.5cm)


Solid ash


Very Good & Proper

With the credo “Measure twice, cut once” emphasizing longevity, Very Good & Proper grew out of a start-up collaboration between London restaurateur Patrick Clayton-Malone and design duo Klauser & Carpenter. Launched to produce well-designed and original furnishings for Patrick’s place Canteen, the initial range was industrially styled but softened through the use of curved forms and bold colors. “What’s led us (to becoming a design company) is the rigors of contract furniture,” says Patrick, nodding to Andre and Ed. “There was a lot of frustration with the traditional designer licensing model from these guys.”

Function is as prized as looks to the designers, to hear Ed describe the thought process behind one of the defining designs, Canteen Hook. “The important thing for the hook was to have a big surface area so it doesn’t damage clothes,” he says. “We also added a plate that stops people marking the wall behind when repeated greasy thumbs rub against the wall.” Now located in a refurbished pickle and chutney factory, VG&P's collection has grown to include seating, tables, storage units and other accessories, all manufactured responsibly in the UK and Europe.

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