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Idea LED Bulb Series: 7W 3.1
Idea LED Bulb Series: 7W 3.1

Idea LED Bulb Series

Designed by UMAGE Design Team for Umage

Idea honors the timeless design of Thomas Edison's incandescent lightbulb but its LED filament puts a contemporary focus on an eco-friendly and high-quality standard of light. A series of 4 smart bulbs, each powers on immediately when the light is turned on and mimics the vivid spectrum found in nature, from a warm glow for a cosy ambience to a soft white light for a brighter mood. Cool to the touch throughout its long lifetime, Idea brings brilliantly non-toxic and energy-saving illumination to any setting.


$14 – $29 based on final options selected


  • 7W 3.1: 4.5" h x 3.25" dia (11.5x8cm)
  • 1.5W 1.7: 4.25" h x 1.75" dia (11.5x4.5cm)
  • 3W 4.9: 7" h x 5" dia (17.6x12.5cm)


Glass, LED filament


Fixtures sold separately

Available Options:

Style: 1.5W 1.7 , 7W 3.1 , 3W 4.9