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Dutchtub Original: Dutchtub Original - Olive GreenDutchtub Original

Dutchtub Original

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A cheery design icon, Floris Schoonderbeek’s award-winning Dutchtub Original is heated by wood and only uses natural water circulation in a low-tech but ingenious version of a communal hot tub. Heated by a wood-burning fire basket within a superior-grade stainless-steel coil, the water flows into the tub from the top of the coil. Regulate the temperature by simply exposing fewer coils to the heat of the fire to cool or using the wok as a lid to keep more heat within the coils. Handcrafted in a sturdy but lightweight polyester with an ergonomic comfort that suits up to 4 persons, in a range of colors.


$1,709$8,393 based on final options selected


  • Dutchtub: 33.1" h x 102.4" w x 66.9" d (84x260x170cm)
  • Hand Trailer: 18.5" h x 49.2" w x 18.5" d (47x125x47cm)
  • Winter Cover: 70.9" (180cm)
  • Capacity: 650 liters


Fiberglass, polyester, stainless steel, anodized aluminum


  • Heating Dutchtub to 38°C: ± 2 hours, ± 1 bag of firewood
  • To retain Dutchtub at 38°C: ± 1 bag of firewood for 4 hours
  • Dutchtub Original includes regular cover, wok and fire baske


Lid, fire basket, hosepipe connection and Dutchtub wok are included

    Available Options:

    Piece: Dutchtub Original - Orange, Dutchtub Original - Pebble Grey, Dutchtub Original - Olive Green, Cover

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