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Dutchtub Wood
Dutchtub Wood

Dutchtub Wood

Designed by Floris Schoonderbeek for Weltevree

Enrobed in sustainable wood planks, this luxurious version of Floris Schoonderbeek's inspired Dutchtub blends in easily with the natural outdoor environment. Yet, like the original, it's heated by a simple wood fire and only uses natural circulation to warm its soothing waters. Weather-resistant and lightweight enough to easily be moved, the tub has an ergonomic polyester-fiber inner shell for double-walled heat efficiency and it easily seats up to 4 people.  


$225 – $8,495 $0 based on final options selected


28.25" h x 67" w x 92" d (72x170x234cm)
Capacity: 650L


Includes lid, fire basket, hosepipe connection, and Dutchtub wok


Fiberglass, polyester, stainless steel, Platowood Fraké (sustainable wood)

Available Options:

Piece: Dutchtub Wood , Sidetable , Cover , Winter Cover