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Framehouse: shown with 4 Arc Structure + (2) Platforms
Framehouse: shown with 4 Arc Structure + (2) Platforms


Designed by Floris Schoonderbeek for Weltevree

Originally designed as a hideaway at a busy exhibit, Frame House redefines the idea of "multipurpose." Designer Floris Schoonderbeek notes the "soft curves" and "the house-like shape" that are friendly and inviting. Easily constructed, it could serve as an garden arbor, an alfresco dining room or anything else the imagination might conjure. Its beams are fashioned in natural, untreated Douglas fir with galvanized steel connectors, and the optional platform is made of the same timber in smooth planks. Frame House comes without a roof but specially designed polycarbonate roof panels are available—or create a covering with fabric, plantings or other materials. As Floris notes, “It offers the possibility to create your own space at any location. It’s completely open to change."  


$2,095 – $9,495 $0 based on final options selected


4 Arc Framehouse: 135" h x 118" w x 137.75" d (342.5x300x350cm)
5 Arc Framehouse: 135" h x 118" w x 177.25" d (342.5x300x449cm)


  • The base Framehouse structure consists of only the upright structure, and does not include the platform.
  • Roof panel sets are made from polycarbonate hollow-core slabs with connection pieces of anodized aluminum.
  • Platform is an optional wooden deck and can be placed within or outside the base Framehouse structure.


Douglas fir wood, electrolytic zinc-plated steel


Wooden beams are made of natural, untreated Douglas fir wood and can be susceptible to cracks or bleeding. Wood can be painted or treated by the customer. Please refer to maintenance information here.

Available Options:

Piece: Framhouse Structure , Platform , Roof Panel Set

Size: 4 Arc , 5 Arc