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Soround Coffee Table: Large - 29.6" + Low + Black FenixSoround Coffee Table

Soround Coffee Table

Designed for

Studio Nur takes its name for the German word for "simply" but Soround, like many of its designs, reveals highly original complexities behind the spare facade. A contemporary take on a coffee or side table, it features angled black metal legs and an imaginative choice of tabletops. The black version is fashioned from Italian plywood with a matte, high-pressure laminate surface while the grey model features a tabletop in fiber concrete for an edgy appeal. In a pair of sizes, each table is an original on its own but also ripe for creating contrasting groupings.


$519$919 based on final options selected


  • Mini
    • Low: 15.9" h x 17.7" dia (40.5x45cm)
    • Medium: 17.5" h x 17.7" dia (44.5x45cm)
    • High: 19.2" h x 17.7" dia (49x45cm)
  • Small
    • Low: 15.9" h x 23.6" dia (40.5x60cm)
    • Medium: 17.5" h x 23.6" dia (44.5x60cm)
    • High: 19.2" h x 23.6" dia (49x60cm)
  • Large
    • Low: 15.9" h x 29.5" dia (40.5x75cm)
    • Medium: 17.5" h x 29.5" dia (44.5x75cm)
    • High: 19.2" h x 29.5" dia (49x75cm)


Fenix laminate or concrete, powder-coated metal

Available Options:

Size: Small - 23.7", Large - 29.6", Mini - 17.8"

Height: Medium, Low, High

Top Finish: Black Painted Ash, Concrete, Black Fenix, Fenix Beige

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