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Drab Ladder Hanger: Flamed Gold + Stainless Steel
Drab Ladder Hanger: Flamed Gold + Stainless Steel

Drab Ladder Hanger


Like his collectible, award-winning Plopp Stools and Chippensteel Chairs that put Oskar Zieta on the map, this "ladder" hanger get its look via the groundbreaking process is called FiDU (Freielnnen Druck Umformung, as in free inner-pressure deformation).

Oskar innovated the inflated metal work process. Welded sheets of steel are inflated like a balloon using high-pressure air. The effect is metal frozen in time. No two are alike. The crumples and crushes happen spontaneously as the flats are filled. Because minimal material is needed, Zieta's pieces are much lighter than they appear. Hang towels, magazines, clothes or leave it bare as a graphic element to a room. Oskar took a nod from a repeating "H" letter, the simply and beautiful 90-degrees multiplied. It's function that functions as sculpture!


$900 – $3,800 based on final options selected


74" h x 18.1" w (188 x 46cm)


Stainless steel


Not to be used as an actual step ladder

Available Options:

Color: Flamed Gold , Cosmic Blue , Beige Grey , Graphite Grey , White Glossy , Black Glossy , Inox Polished , Emerald , Sapphire

Material: Stainless Steel , Carbon Steel