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Tafla Polygonal Mirror Collection: Mirror C1Tafla Polygonal Mirror Collection

Tafla Polygonal Mirror Collection

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Oskar Zieta works all the angles with his Tafla Polygonal Mirror Collection. Extending the innovative FIDU (short for free inner-pressure deformation) process, he moves beyond his original crumpled furniture to wall hangings that are nothing short of works of art. While they suggest silvery mylar balloons, each piece is made from thin welded sheets of steel. They are inflated with high-pressure air, making each one of a kind.


$1,420$10,405 based on final options selected


  • C1: 88.6" h x 39" w x 2.4" d (225x99x6cm)
  • C2: 58.7" h x 37" w x 2.4" d (149x94x6cm)
  • C3: 48.8" h x 26.4" w x 2.4" d (124x67x6cm)
  • C4: 39.4" h x 19.7" w x 2.4" d (100x50x6cm)
  • C4.5: 32.7" h x 18.5" w x 2.4" d (83x47x6cm)
  • C5: 21.7" h x 15.7" w x 2.4" d (55x40x6cm)
  • C6: 21.7" h x 19.7" w x 2.4" d (55x50x6cm)



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Style: Mirror C1, Mirror C2, Mirror C3, Mirror C4, Mirror C5, Mirror C6

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