For good reason Tom Dixon is among the brightest stars of modern design. His prolific output, including a beautifully appointed and delicious restaurant at his London HQ, is like few others. Whether it's a table light (like the Bell Table Lamp here) or rug, table or cocktail set, it's all now 15% off thru Oct 15.

This Copenhagen design house strikes a position between modern and timeless, elegance and everyday—be it in the form of a bed frame or bowl, dining chair or lighting, mirror or console. For those with collecting in mind, Gubi's stable of creatives boast some of the most iconic designers. Get Gubi thru Oct 15 at 15% off.

From indoor to outdoor, and every space where living happens, this Danish brand not only considers life by design but does so with environmentally minded practices, from paint to production. "Muttos” is actually a Finnish word, defined as looking at things with a new perspective. At 15% off thru Oct 18, that view just got more inviting.

This San Francisco-based lighting leader bucks conventional design tropes along by pushing some of the best environmentally considerate and progressive technologies. In the case of the expanding Bola Collection, including this table light, it’s a matter of luxe materials, thoughtful sustainability and unexpected features. Now take 15% off thru Oct 31.

From its factories outside London, a third generation of founder Luca Ercolani family continues to helm this legacy brand of meticulously crafted furniture. But the vision continues very much looking forward, from its mindful production considerations to collaborations with a new era of designers, including Norm Architects, whose latest for the L. Ercolani is pictured here. Take 15% off L.Ercolani thru Nov 1.

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Rising Star: Iris Murphy

From behind a sizeable 8-foot-wide-by-6-foot-high loom inside her Silver Lake studio, Iris Murphy commands bobbins of paper and silk, jute and upcycled yarns across 24 harnesses, interworking the textures into singular works of textile artistry that run the gamut from interiors to performance, fashion to fine art.

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Meet Peter De Jong

The best in modern design is where you find it. And while A+R's reputation is built on new and legacy collections from around the world, sometimes it's a matter of heading down the street to discover work that gives us pause. Such is the case with De Jong & Co., a brand born and bred in LA that defies notions in this age...

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LA Design Fest is On

With a milestone anniversary to mark, the festival spotlighting Los Angeles design in all its creative and innovative manifestations was delayed due to the pandemic shutdown, but fiercely determined to press on with a reimagined forum September 24-27 that will deliver to the people here–and worldwide—like never before.

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