All curves and comfort, SP01's latest is compact in size with not a hard line in sight. This Italian-made armchair from Australian designer Nikolai Kotlarczyk exudes comfort with enveloping foam contours and a pitched silhouette resembling a bird about to take flight.

Cordless and rechargeable, this graphic lantern by Copenhagen studio OEO extends the Mūn range and lights up the fun inside or outdoors. A nod to the Japanese word for moon, the white glass shade assumes a lunar form, powered by an integrated LED for a bright even glow.

Made of small bits of 100% recycled household and industrial plastic and available in black or white, the new Bit Stool by Simon Legald is a minimalist take on a column shape and perfect for platforming a floral arrangement, as a side table, or as impromptu seating.

This height-adjustable perch was initially designed by architect studio TAF for the Swedish National Museum. Park it by the sofa, bedside or next to a desk. Powder-coated steel and aluminum, it comes in a range of smart neutral shades or high-voltage orange.

The best-selling String Shelving System finally goes outside, and just in time for the season al fresco. Galvanized steel means year-round organization, weathering over time to a lovely patina. Freestanding means it can be positioned and moved at will. Preconfigured units make it easy.

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Design for a Better Future

The best in design improves the quality of life. And this adage isn't limited to our individual whims. Quality of life is increasingly a matter for the global community, one that means products that consume less energy and minimize waste in manufacturing and post-production. Quality is also matter of lasting durability. In a nod to Earth Day, an LED spotlight on just a few of the dozens of products at A+R produced with a healthy world in mind...

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Yes, Women Design

Women might account for nearly half the global population, but design, from architecture to products, remains a man’s world. If the recent rise in women designers and entrepreneurs in the marketplace and at A+R is a sign of the times, perhaps marking women’s history in this realm will sooner than later become a year-round given. In the meantime, a spotlight on a handful of creators—who happen to be women—we can’t get enough of...

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Happiness is a Warm Yellow (+Gray)

The color gods have spoken: following a impoverished year on so many levels, the Pantone Color Institute proclaimed that 2021 serves up not just 1, but 2 colors in a combo platter of "happiness supported by fortitude."
There is a science and entire cultural and design machine behind the annual color choice. In this case, the need for brightness and hope...

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