Suited for a hallway, salon or even at a dining table, this bench by Finns Wesley Waters and Salla Luhtasela and crafted from FSC-certified oak, is minimalism at its most versatile and charming.

Tall or low, and in 8 colorways, some with oak finishes, this industrial-flavored storage unit by Thomas Bentzen for Muuto boasts adjustable shelving for an all-purpose life.

Indoors or out, Menu’s on-the-go Phare LED lamp, by emerging star Stanislaw Czarnocki, was conceived for an updated project at Le Courbusier's landmark Cité Radieuse in Marseille.

Rotating tabletop on this 3-legged table from Woud and available in both coffee and side versions, reveals a hidden storage compartment.

Founder Niels Bendtsen considers quality as much craft as an attitude toward design. The Homework series of desks, made in Italy, spectacularly adheres to these ethos. Cantilevered drawers (available in carefully matched wood veneers or ultra high-gloss lacquer) seem to float within the frame. Desktops come in glass, white or black oak or walnut.

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To celebrate the worldwide launch of the modernistic Diagonal Pool Table by our Spanish pals at RS Barcelona, A+R is cueing up its west coast exclusive rollout with an evening of high-stakes competition and even higher-stakes fun.

For all the buzz about Shanghai’s explosive contemporary art scene, typically “subversive” forms such as graffiti and street art remain predictably constrained expressions.

The eye has to travel, that legendary arbiter of style Diana Vreeland loved to proclaim, and, so in that spirit, we invite you to take a trip through the all-new A+R site.

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