Copenhangen studio OED's graceful desk LED is a nod to the Japanese concept of Mūn or the moon. The glass lunar-styled shade offsets the arced stem. Made by Stellar Works.

For a new time, Sebastian Wrong’s clock features an ever-changing display as it flips through 12 different typefaces. Three different battery-powered shapes and sizes to choose from, including a tabletop model.

Japanese designer Keiji Ashizawa translated his best-selling wall-mounted desk into a shelf version. The oak shelf—available in dark stain or natural—offers a tactile contrast to the steel handrails. Provides an understated, versatile support for favorite objects.

Double your pleasure. Pierre Paulin’s 1975 vision of sitting on a cloud formation is now available as a 2-seater. Ergonomic precision and exacting craftsmanship are behind the sofa’s hyper-relaxed contours. Also available in single, triple and ottoman variations.

Be it stools or side chairs, loungers or office, upholstered or not, Simon Legald’s distinct seating is in good form in any room. Form does not stop at seating, either. The Danish designer followed up his best-selling series with complementary tables. The entire range is now 20% off through Jan 31.

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Cut the Cord

The shift to life on the go and taking care of business from anywhere has been nothing short of seismic. Lighting designers, influenced by our ever-evolving collective need for versatility, seemed to have taken note, introducing some of the most attractive lamps on the market—cord-free, rechargeable and ready to go from poolside to bedside, desk to dining table, camping to carousing....

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Design for a Better Future

The best in design improves the quality of life. And this adage isn't limited to our individual whims. Quality of life is increasingly a matter for the global community, one that means products that consume less energy and minimize waste in manufacturing and post-production. Quality is also matter of lasting durability. In a nod to Earth Day, an LED spotlight on just a few of the dozens of products at A+R produced with a healthy world in mind...

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Yes, Women Design

Women might account for nearly half the global population, but design, from architecture to products, remains a man’s world. If the recent rise in women designers and entrepreneurs in the marketplace and at A+R is a sign of the times, perhaps marking women’s history in this realm will sooner than later become a year-round given. In the meantime, a spotlight on a handful of creators—who happen to be women—we can’t get enough of...

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