Long and lean, or tall and stout, or even short and boxy, the Canvas Series provides storage of media, tableware, books, personals and, well, life. Customized front panels in a range of textured fabrics, dovetail joints and sliding panels are only a few of the features Norm Architects conceived. Now part of L. Ercolani select sale.

The elegant sloping arms and angular frame with tapered spindles all rendered in solid ash make this a luxe classic in comfort. The ash is sourced from sustainable plantations, and, like all L. Ercolani furniture, is made in the company's own eco-conscious factory outside London. Water-based lacquer in multiple colors make this fit for any environ.

Designer Hlynur V. Atlason fashions the Von Bench and modular Von Chair (with or without arms, too) in solid wood in a range of finishes with premium upholsteries. It's a nod to late founder Lucian Ercolani's post-war classics, no doubt. And with all the timeless qualities that make this British brand equally a classic.

Handmade in L. Ercolani's Chiltern workshops, this handsome easy chair is fashioned using the traditional technique of steam-bending wood. A high back and lumbar support plus molded arm cushions make this a dream. It's aptly named, too, as this midcentury original by the house's founder retains its modern appeal.

Translucent resin is a favorite material of Netherlands-based designer Sabine Marcelis. And with Aura for Brit cult brand Established & Sons, she takes an eco-friendly tack as the cylindrical light is made from a bio-epoxy material, formulated using by-products from the agricultural industry. A replaceable glass LED tube inside the resin housing creates a warm glow.

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The Other Art Fair

While the A+R showroom has welcomed clients for weeks now by appointment, we are looking forward to the official re-activation of our 32-acre home ROW—specifically the kick off this week with the 4-day visual art fest known as The Other Art Fair. Presented by Saatchi Art, this curated showcase of 75 artists is taking over several store fronts, windows, as well as wall space in existing shops—including yours truly, A+R...

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Design for a Better Future

The best in design improves the quality of life. And this adage isn't limited to our individual whims. Quality of life is increasingly a matter for the global community, one that means products that consume less energy and minimize waste in manufacturing and post-production. Quality is also matter of lasting durability. In a nod to Earth Day, an LED spotlight on just a few of the dozens of products at A+R produced with a healthy world in mind...

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Yes, Women Design

Women might account for nearly half the global population, but design, from architecture to products, remains a man’s world. If the recent rise in women designers and entrepreneurs in the marketplace and at A+R is a sign of the times, perhaps marking women’s history in this realm will sooner than later become a year-round given. In the meantime, a spotlight on a handful of creators—who happen to be women—we can’t get enough of...

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