Cut the Cord

Dipping Light Cordless

The shift to life on the go and taking care of business from anywhere has been nothing short of seismic. Lighting designers, influenced by our ever-evolving collective need for versatility, seemed to have taken note, introducing some of the most attractive lamps on the market—cord-free, rechargeable and ready to go from poolside to bedside, desk to dining table, camping to carousing.

This new wave of lighting not only boasts the latest in LED technology, but features including dimmable functions and some even USB ports to charge devices. These are just a taste of the diverse array of cordless lights at A+R to get you lit.

Flowerpot Portable Table Lamp by &Tradition

JWDA Portable Table Lamp by Menu

Pantop Portable Lamp by Verpan

Column Portable Table Lamp by Menu

Chispa Light by Marset

Torso Portable Table Lamp by Menu