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Guess who’s in this month’s issue of the national mag New Beauty? None other than our very own co-founder Rose Apodaca riffing on how she maintains her skin while balancing duties at A+R and writing her latest book. 

Photo Credit: Josef Jasso

Beauty Director Brittany Burhop Fallon was surprised at Rose’s choices, given the fancier submissions typically provided by other individuals featured in New Beauty’s monthly column.

To wit, Rose was pleasantly surprised, too, upon confirmation from a renowned—non-celebrity—dermatologist that she was on the right track. A former beauty editor before launching A+R in late 2005, Rose has come to believe that sometimes the best things don’t require bells or whistles.

Rose interviewed Dr. Ronald Cotliar, the family dermatologist of Dita Von Teese for their international bestseller, Your Beauty Mark  (it hit #2 on The New York Times-bestseller list upon release, and has since been translated in 5 languages, most recently Mandarin). 

During their talk for the book at Dr. Cotliar’s base at the Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Rose was heartened to find that many of the skin care products she’d incorporated into her daily routine had his seal of approval. She and Dita, who are currently working on their second book together, brought up Dr. Cotliar’s advice at the recent “Weekend of Glamour” that Dita hosted at the stunning Paramour Estate in the Los Angeles enclave of Silverlake. Guests came from around the country for workshops and talks, and, as Dita’s wordsmith and longtime collaborator, Rose moderated talks on beauty and wellness, body positivity and sexual health.

Among some of Dr. Cotliar’s insight shared at the WoG and in their book: 

+ The secret to good skin is “wet and schmear,” the doctor prescribed, as in “hydration and lubrication. Stay moisturized. Don’t stay in the sun. Don’t smoke. Regardless of your skin color, whether you’re Caucasian, black, brown or Asian, the rule is the same."

+ Drinking lots of water will not help skin keep hydrated. “If that were the case, I’d have you drink olive oil. Water reaches the skin on a cellular level.”

+ “Apply the anti-wrinkle products before going to bed, especially the ones with retinol. It’s reorganizing the skin, so it’s increasing collagen. Always use sunscreen the following morning.”

+ A facial feels great and the skin is all plumped up from the massage. There are treatments such as microdermabrasion, some with Vitamin C and salicylic acid infusing. “To me it’s all a gimmick. I don’t push it or not push it. I have patients who get it and love it.”

+ “You want a doctor with an office not wallpapered with posters for products and treatments or spa tours for skin care. It’s not about seeing a dermatologist with his own line or an office filled with laser equipment. A good doctor is going to know where to refer you for those kinds of cosmetic treatments.”

Rose appears above and in the feature in a photograph by Josef Jasso wearing specs by Los Angeles design icon L.A. Eyeworks.

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