Speckle Hanging Pot: Large - 8
Speckle Hanging Pot: Large - 8"
Speckle Hanging Pot: Small - 5.3
Speckle Hanging Pot: Small - 5.3"
Speckle Hanging Pot
Speckle Hanging Pot

Ferm Living

Speckle Hanging Pot

$65 – $69


SKU: FL-1104263154

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SKU: FL-1104263155

In stock and ready for quick ship!


Speckle is made with a distinct type of stoneware that features a raw texture and sand-like spots on a milky off-white background. With an organic handmade look and feel, the hanging pot is suspended by twisted cotton rope with ample length to readily adjust to the preferred height. Offered in 2 sizes, Speckle is unglazed on the outside and has a transparent glossy glaze on the inside



  • Small: 7.2" h x 5.3" dia (18.5x13.5cm)
  • Large: 5.7" h x 8" dia (14.5x20.5cm)




Ferm Living

Graphic designer Trine Andersen got inspired one day when she was looking for wallpaper and the choices were dull and too expensive. Figuring other people probably felt the same way, she decided to create it herself. And Danish design company Ferm Living was the result, growing to include home accessories, linens, lighting and furniture for both grown-ups and little ones. “Our biggest ambition and desire is to inspire people to create the kind of space that makes them feel comfortable at home,” Trine says. A home is much more than just beautiful things. We believe it’s a place intimately tied to our emotions, values, and way of thinking.”

With a Nordic style that references the design heritage of the ’50s and ’60s, Ferm Living also offers bolder statement pieces—items that are more colorful and rich. “When you mix these styles, the bolder pieces give energy to the calmer ones,” Trine says. “I love to mix it up. It’s not about being just clean and Scandinavian. We love to add some sparkle!”

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