Oaxaca, with its deeply rich culture including craft, beckoned founder Jezarely Miguel, whose roots are in the Mexican state, though she was raised in her native Portland, Oregon. Longing to re-connect with the “warmth and vibrancy” of her familial home during the recent pandemic, coupled with recognizing a gap for sustainable and ethically sourced products from there designed with a modern aesthetic, the commercial interior designer started Matiz.

A team of Oaxaca-based artisans collaborate on not only the weaving of the rugs, but the all the wool textiles wholly made there. Now based in Los Angeles, Jezarely visits the southwestern Mexican state of Teotitlan del Valle, and works remotely with the team there. Each rug is hand made from start to finish using natural and local resources, from one-of-a kind dyes and pigments—and all with minimal waste and carbon footprint. For this reason, customization in sizes and colors is an available option.

For Jezarely, Matiz is more than a brand. It’s a mission. For A+R and fans of Matiz, each on of these rugs is a work of art and craft.