Kilt Light 137 Cabinet with Drawers: Green Khaki Drawer + Green Khaki Stand
Kilt Light 137 Cabinet with Drawers: Green Khaki Drawer + Green Khaki Stand

Kilt Light 137 Cabinet with Drawers

SKU: ASP-K-LIGHT-137-DB-41-41
Drawer Color
Average lead time: 8-10 weeks


Asplund offers a well-considered variation of its Kilt Light 137 storage unit with 2 doors to the left and 2 drawers to the right, all with the series’ front pattern inspired by a tartan. Its Stockholm-based architect-designers Claesson Koivisto Rune align the cabinet’s rectangular geometric patterning with the “golden ratio” that ancient Greeks believed to be the most aesthetically pleasing proportion. Crafted in Sweden of lacquered MDF in a selection of subdued Nordic tones, it has an opening at the back for ventilation or cables and the powder-coated metal stand can be ordered to match or in a contrasting hue.  



34.25" h x 53.94" w x 17.72" d (87x137x45cm)


Lacquered MDF, powder coated metal


Made in Sweden



“Small details are more important in simple minimalist design, because you see every line,” says Sandra Adrian Asplund, creative director at the eponymous Stockholm-based furniture brand. The brothers Asplund—Michael, an art dealer, and Thomas, a banker—originally teamed up to open a gallery that treated furnishings as works of fine art. When their vision took off, Sandra joined the team as creative head (and later spouse of Thomas) to develop a collection in a style they dub “Friendly Minimalism” that has grown into an internationally acclaimed design leader.

A warmer take on iconic Swedish minimalism, the Asplund look is similarly grounded in functionality and and hews to an ethos of sustainably. “Natural materials often require a bit of love and care, but in return, they age beautifully and last a lifetime,” says Sandra. Carefully produced in Sweden with environmentally friendly processes and a large measure of hand craftsmanship, Asplund goods are contemporary heirlooms, she says. “Unless every inch is perfect, it is not good enough.”

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