Frama × Jonas Trampedach

Rivet Typecase


SKU: FRA-4175

Average lead time: 8-10 weeks


Suggested by old printer's works, Rivet Typecase is a compartmentalized metal shelf with discrete sections meant for storing and displaying cherished objects. Named for the process used in which laser-cut raw aluminum sheets are hammered together by hand, Jonas Trampedach's design is easy to mount on the wall with the accompanying backplate. And each piece is unique due to the unfinished look of the material with its individual natural irregularities. 



17.6" h x 17.6" w x 6.3" d (44.6x44.6x16.1cm)


Raw aluminium


Made in Denmark




Graphic lines, natural materials and a design twist drive Danish label Frama, founded in 2011 by Niels Strøyer Christophersen. Dedicated to the Nordic ideal of a warm and welcoming home, the effort melds functional pieces, crafted from rich wood and raw metal, with several can’t-take-your-eyes-off-it statement-makers.

“No projects are wrong projects,” explains Niels, whose design expression also extends to lighting, home objects, fabrics and apothecary items, all on view at Frama’s showroom space in Copenhagen, near the historic St. Paul’s Apotek, which dates from 1878.

Tradition mingles with experimentation, even extending to the founder’s own home, a continuing source of inspiration located in a 1905 watchmaker’s store near Frama’s studio.

Embracing both old and new, the range spans the painstakingly made but deceptively simple AML wood stool, to the dramatic 64 Bench with its marble surface atop an incline steel base. In turn, the aluminum Rivet storage models and the sleekly multipurpose Adam stool series are striking examples of everyday utility. Unified by an organic sensibility and hands-on aesthetic, Frama is nothing less than a redefinition of a lifestyle brand.

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