Djembé Ceiling Light
Djembé Ceiling Light
Djembé Ceiling Light
Djembé Ceiling Light
Djembé Ceiling Light
Djembé Ceiling Light


With its voluminous shape and a texture similar to stone, this ceiling light makes a undeniably majestic statement. Using a rotomolding technique allowed designer Joan Gaspar to conceive a fixture with vastly different surfaces and thus the voluminous interior has a smooth white satin-finish to reflect the light that emanates from the lacquered grey aluminum diffuser. With a choice of straightforward colors and 5 different sizes, Djembé makes a definite impression, either individually or in nearly endless combinations.



Djembé C 42.13: 5.25" h x 16" dia (13.3x40.6cm)
Djembé C 42.21: 8.25" h x 16.5" dia (20.9x41.9cm)
Djembé C 42.28: 11"" h x 16.5" dia (27.9x41.9cm)
Djembé C 65.23: 9" h x 24.75" dia (22.8x62.8cm)
Djembé C 65.35: 13.75" h x 25.5" dia (34.9x64.7cm)
Djembé C 65.45: 17.75" h x 25.5" dia (45x64.7cm)
Djembé 2C 65.36: 14.5" h x 24.75" dia (36.8x62.8cm)
Djembé 2C 65.48: 19" h x 25.5" dia (48.2x64.7cm)


Bulb included
Optional linking accessories available on request


Polyethylene, aluminum


Djembé C 42:LED SMD 11.7W 700mA 2700K 2040lm
Djembé C 65: LED SMD 20.8W 700mA 2700K 3023lm
Djembé 2 C 65: LED SMD 20.8W 700mA 2700K 3023lm



“Marset is more than lamps: We take care of light in its different nuances and effects, to create atmospheres with character, helping to improve people’s quality of life,” declares the Barcelona-based company. Marset’s dual preoccupation with both crisp contemporary design and the more elusive ambiance of lighting has firmly fixed the firm on the design world’s cutting-edge radar. A series of attention-grabbing and innovative fixtures account for the recent revitalization of the brand, though Marset has actually been around since the 1940s.

A family business, Marset was originally a foundry, not a lighting company. It segued into lighting design when Francisco Marset formally established Marset Illuminacion in 1965. Decades devoted to metalwork easily translated to the contemporary lighting industry, with a dexterity of materials available to create unexpected, atmospheric lighting effects. Not to mention the influence of its Barcelona home, a city renowned for architecture, design and visual inspiration.

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