BAM! 3 Seater Sofa

$4,250 - $9,072


Just as the Pop movement stunned the art world, BAM! shakes up the idea of a sofa, here in a 3-seater version. Massproductions co-founder and chief designer Chris Martin plays up the geometry of block-shaped cushions for the armless seat and back, filled with recycled goose and duck feathers (sterilized via high temperature without chemicals). Buttress-like legs come upholstered in the same material and one of the back cushions sports a black embroidered logo patch, a nod to American artist Roy Lichenstein. BAM! is delivered in eco-smart flat packaging and easily assembled with few components.



  • 31.1" h x 70.9" w x 34.6" d (79x180x88cm)
  • Seat height: 15" (38cm)


Duck feathers, wood


  • Fabric A: Relate, Reflect, Field 2, Era, Advantage, Mainline Flax, Linara, Smooth, Solids & Stripes, Natté
  • Fabric B: Floyd, Remix 3, Molly 2, Blazer, Synergy, Ruskin, Kota, Osumi, Acton, Leone plus, Creek, Lido, Lido Trend
  • Fabric C: Tonus 4, Safire (Sahco), Re-wool, Melange Nap, Foss, Steelcut Trio, Steelcut 2, Canvas 2, Planum, Nitto, Silk, Fuga, Lamu, Ponza, Wooly, Wooly+, Loop
  • Fabric C Plus: Hallingdal 65, Harald 3, Vidar 3,Divina 3, Divina MD, Plecto, Mosiac 2, Sprinkles, Tweed
  • Fabric D: Coda 2, Noise, Euro Post, Luna 2, Nuance, Elmo Soft, Elmo Nordic
  • Fabric D Plus: Pilot, Silas, Tiree, Dunes, Elmo Rustical, Storr, Karakorum
  • Fabric E: Gentle 2, Shade
  • COM and COL are available on request